Elkhart || Supply of Industrial Safety Equipment

Elkhart is your #1 supplier of workplace safety equipment. Since our inception, we've distributed a variety of high-quality industrial hygiene equipment and safety supplies around the country.

By supplying comprehensive industrial safety products, we help protect thousands of manufacturing and facility workers who work in a vast variety of industries.

Benefits of Safety Equipment

  • Protection your workers against Head Injuries
  • Safety helmets are designed specifically to provide protection to the workers from injury penetration, electric injuries and strong head impacts, which can be caused because of flying or falling objects. These safety helmets also provide protection against fixed objects and electrical conductors that may lead to injury.

  • Increases Chances of Survival In Accidents
  • If a work unit faces accidental situations like rolling over of a truck or mishandling of any industrial equipment, in such scenario if workers is wearing safety helmet his chances of getting hurt will remain minimal.

  • Save Cost
  • Money invested in Safety Equipment is covered by savings gained from other benefits such as lower staff turnover, a reduction in sickness absence and avoiding costs relating to prosecutions.

  • Happy and Productive Workers
  • Healthy and safe workers are also happy and productive ones. Keeping your staff happy results in increased productivity, higher staff morale, lower staff turnover and reduced sickness absence. Companies that adopt best practice also attract new talent and create brand loyalty by sending a positive image to customers.